CARDIOPRIM cleans and removes plaque that surgery cannot.  It penetrates into the smallest arterioles and capillaries to flush out plaque, restore blood flow and deliver vital oxygen to cells. When circulation is restored, congestive heart disease fails to exist.
CARDIOPRIM is like a magnet to unwanted metals, especially heavy toxic metals such as mercury and lead. Once in your body, CARDIOPRIM attaches and removes all non-bonded and unessential metals, AND, is especially effective in dissolving calcium plaque.

Let's look at some of the factors we experience with aging…..

►  Arthritis and osteoporosis

►  Alzheimer's and dementia

►  Blocked arteries                                                                           image


►  Vision and hearing loss
►  Diabetes and Pancreatitis
     Thyroid Dysfunction                                                                                        


►  Prostate disease, breast and uterine cancer           

►  Erectile dysfunction

►  Hair loss and wrinkles

►  Kidney stones and gallstones

►  Cancer

All the health problems stated above are caused by our body’s inability to manage CALCIUM.

How can calcium do all this? Excess calcium in the blood that is not bonded to an enzyme, will free float until it finds a resting place.   Then it builds up in your joints, your arteries, your eyes, your ears, your brain and ALL your vital organs making you feel sick and perhaps, prematurely old.  Fortunately CARDIOPRIM is the product that will stop and even reverse these “Factors of Aging”.

The many things we attribute to getting old are not a mystery any longer.  Losing health as we grow older can easily be understood when you know the cause.  Much suffering of many diseases are caused by conventional treatment with prescribed and habit forming drugs.

The scandalous list of possible side effects of advertised drugs has become fodder for comedians. But when you’re the one suffering, it’s not funny at all.  Your doctor could easily prescribe natural products to cure your diseases. As Kevin Trudeau states in his Natural Cures book "the medical industry has no interest in curing you from disease, especially with low cost products. The Industry profits from your long term treatments that require you to spend hundreds of dollars each month for drugs and medical bills.  Drugs that never make you feel better or allow you to get well”.

As we age, we have the right to do so gracefully and in the best possible health.  We are all getting older- but now it’s up to you if you’re getting old.

Good health is a precious gift, once you lose it most people would be willing to pay any amount to get it back.  Why wait?  If you are good to your heart, your heart will be good to you!