It's Official

To My Patient's: 

  It's official, Western medicine is failing globally. The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued dire new predictions about the spread of cancer throughout the world. The public health arm of the united nations predicts a 25 percent increase in cancer rates over the next 10 years. Most of the growth will occur in developing countries that have been heavily influenced by the West. By 2025, WHO claims the number of cancer diagnoses is expected to rise by 37 percent. I find it fascinating that they also predict the death rate to be the same as the number of cases diagnosed. Does that mean that the medical paradigm for treating cancer is a dismal failure? It would appear.

     In countries like China and India where there cities are being patterned after American ones, they are having similar results. Their traditional way of life and their native foods are being replaced by empty calories and junk foods that are genetically modified (GMO), and of course plenty of western drugs and surgery. It's the same with cancer causing vaccines, polluted air and fluoridated water ( a known carcinogen). The stats are in, we are now last amongst all industrialized nations in overall health. We are the sickest species on the face of the earth. We now produce the sickest generation of children, with ADD, autism, obesity skyrocketing. We are dying of suicide by life choices. The medical profession has convinced us that all your health issues derive from genetics. They want you to believe that your genetically predisposed to illness.They want you to be totally helpless and dependent on them as your savior. The only thing genetic is the eating and exercise habits that are passed on to your children.

     Why are we so sick as a society? Is it because we don't ingest enough drugs. We consume 55 times more prescription drugs today then we did in 1960. We spend more on medication in this country than any other country in the world. If medicine was the answer to health, we should be number one in all health categories instead of last. The good news is that the public is becoming more educated, never before has there been so much research and development of alternative health choices. So much that the AMA and big Pharma are starting to run attack ads on nutritional supplements being bad for you. I know we're on the right track if the drug pushers are starting to feel threatened. The last thing in the world the pharmaceutical companies want, is for you to be healthy. Remember, as I always finish my newsletters, empower yourself with knowledge. Register to get on some good e-mail list like Life extension, and Natural News. Stay up with the most recent research on nutrition and exercise. You can take control of your own health and live the quality life God wants you to have.

Yours for better health

Dr. Ron