Much has been said and written about the tragic events at the Sandy Hook school in Connecticut.  Lately the ban on assault weapons dominates the news these days, along with all the reasons why these things keep happening. While sitting with a group of friends, after a round of golf, I heard many theories, including violent video games, religion taken out of the schools, and “these kids need a good "spanking". While all these theories may have some merit, the one theory that's never mentioned is the anti-depressants that so many of these kids are taking. Anti-depressants, also known as ssri's, which stands for selective serotonin re uptake's inhibitor. These ssri's that are artificially introduced into the body, and apparently have different reactions to different people. In an effort to explain what these drugs do, it's important to know that serotonin is produced naturally by the body in the gut and also the brain. Serotonin is the feel good hormone the body produces when we are happy. After a time the serotonin wears off and is reabsorbed by the body.(We can't be happy 24-7). It's normal to be depressed periodically in our lives.

    The ssri's block the reabsorbtion of the serotonin's which creates a situation where there is a serotonin storm. If the serotonin isn't reabsorbed then the hormone continues to circulate in the blood stream, affecting the neurotransmitters in the brain. An overload of serotonin can have a catastrophic effect on some people. If you will go to, you can come to your own conclusion as to the effect these drugs are having on many of these people. After you view the website mentioned above, click on ssri stories and prepare to be shocked. Virtually every one of these mass murders is committed by people that are on some type of ssri's. Prior to these drugs most of these kids were shy and very passive kids. Parents say they never were suicidal or violent.

     After looking at this overwhelming evidence, and the effect that these drugs are having on these people, one might ask why our media doesn’t investigate this outrage. Then I found out that Big Pharma. was the top advertiser to all these networks. They are not going to bite the hand that feeds them. The pharmaceutical companies are so corrupt, that they consider these side effects just the price of doing business. Sadly most of these kids that are put on these drugs, because of depression or ADD, don't need ssri's. What they need is a change in their diet. Limiting their processed foods, sugars, and grains. This by itself would make unbelievable differences in their personality. Also, a good exercise program, where they actually would have to leave their computers and smart phones, and get their heart rate up. Remember serotonin is produced in the gut, so protein digestion is important. If protein is not digested the person will not be able to have the building blocks to make serotonin. Something as simple as a zinc deficiency may be the only thing necessary to aid in the digestion of protein.  Zinc is needed to produce digestive enzymes. (HCL)   

     In conclusion if your or your loved ones are taking any medication, please google the name of the drug and any symptoms that you might be experiencing and see what comes up. Stay informed and educate yourself, your health is to important to just blindly follow your Dr's advice. Your Dr. is heavily influenced by the pharmaceutical companies.