Meet Dr. Ron Collins

Dr. Collins graduated from the prestigious Palmer
College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa. He practiced for 20 years in Columbus Ohio, where he treated many Ohio State athletes such as Chris Carter (Vikings) and William White (Lions). His treatments are gentle and painless, and has the experience to treat the most fragile amongst us.

His sport training enables him to not only handle spinal problems but also shoulder, knee, elbow and foot/ankle problems. His motto is "if it's a joint I can help it."

With the new tables in his office he can now treat the worse of the worse spinal conditions, with little or no
manipulation. His enthusiasm today is as great as it
was 30 years ago when he graduated. If he can't help
you he will send you to someone who can.

Thoracic Adjustment   

Spinal Decompression Table:

Dr. Ronald P. Collins : Palmer Graduate